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First we hope you are all safe and doing well and that the damage to our beautiful state of Utah is minimal.


If you felt the earthquake this morning, you're not alone. Please take a walk around your property to determine if you have any damage, broken water lines, power lines that are low or on the ground, new damage to brick or the side of your buildings.


If you think you have damage and have an earthquake policy, please call us at our office 801-364-3434. Our personal lines staff Amy Mecham, Kylee Armstrong , Valarie Taylor or Ann Colby will assist you. You can also call and file a claim directly with your Insurance Provider.


Key Facts about Earthquakes and Insurance 


  1. Home insurance doesn't cover earthquakes. Standard homeowners insurance won't pay to replace your house or belongings after an earthquake.

  2. Aftershocks can be more destructive than earthquakes. It's fairly common for large earthquakes to trigger a series of smaller earthquakes, called aftershocks. These tremors, usually relatively mild, are the result of the earth realigning after the initial quake. 

  3. Insurers won't sell coverage immediately after severe earthquakes. If you don't have earthquake insurance once an earthquake hits, buying a policy ahead of its aftershocks is very difficult or impossible. Insurers typically suspend sales of earthquake insurance after a severe quake occurs. They won't offer coverage again until a certain amount of time has passed and any earth-shaking encores have subsided. These moratorium periods typically kick in after earthquakes of 4.5 to 5.0 magnitude or greater, and they generally last for one to two months. Specifics vary by insurer.


Every year we send information on the Great Shakeout event that takes place April 16th. Here is some information to help you prepare for the next big earthquake.


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We love referrals and would be honored to do a no-obligation, risk review for your friends and neighbors.


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During Mid-States over 25-year business relationship with American Insurance, we have always found Dave Bradshaw and his staff to be willing to help us in any way. They respond immediately to any needs that we might have, and provide assistance that exceeds what you would normally expect from an insurance broker. It would not be a stretch to say that American Insurance is essential to our business operations. The staff at American Insurance is professional, knowledgeable, and completely trustworthy.
Steve Kidd, President - Mid State Consultants, Inc., Nephi, UT
American Insurance is awesome! I love working with them.
Abby Zenger is great to work with. She even comes to my office when I need her and I can call her for anything.