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Are you insured to value?

Do you know your personal property well enough to get reimbursed in the event of a loss? Insurance companies mayrequire more than a general description for items. Could you say exactly how much your wedding jewelry would cost to replace, especially if you bought it over a decade ago?

Below is an app that comes highly recommended from the Insurance Information Institute. It’s as simple as taking a picture, scanning the barcode, and adding some notes. The app works because the data is accessible from multiple tools like your phone or tablet and you can download the information even if you lose your phone or tablet. This makes filing a claim much simpler and accurate.

Or, pick a room and make a list of everything that’s in it. Use a computer spreadsheet, write it down, or download a form (the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has a good one). Each entry should include a description of the item, how many you have, the date you purchased it, where you purchased it, the original purchase price and the current estimated value (if available). When it’s relevant, record model numbers and serial numbers.

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During Mid-States over 25-year business relationship with American Insurance, we have always found Dave Bradshaw and his staff to be willing to help us in any way. They respond immediately to any needs that we might have, and provide assistance that exceeds what you would normally expect from an insurance broker. It would not be a stretch to say that American Insurance is essential to our business operations. The staff at American Insurance is professional, knowledgeable, and completely trustworthy.
Steve Kidd, President - Mid State Consultants, Inc., Nephi, UT